Q. What does the Home Staging involve?

A. The initial consultation involves a meeting with you, and consists of a room by room walk through your home identifying what improvements could be made in the presentation and decoration of your home,  which could add value to gain a higher price or a quicker sale. Suggestions on the outside of your property will also be included. I will make verbal recommendations with estimates of costs. The client makes notes to enable you to decide whether you want to implement the changes yourself or consider opting for further assistance.

Q.What if I need more help, but still want to do the work myself?

A. I will provide a full written report. The report includes the current value of your property, provides guidelines on how to achieve the best results for each room and options available. These options will be listed with a task list and estimated costs within your budget. Details of final styling i.e. flowers, towels etc. and an estimated added percentage to the value of your property.

Q. If I decide I need you to implement the changes for me?

A. If you want me to carry out  the recommended changes on your behalf the the full Home Staging Service will be provided. This includes a written report, budget breakdown, and a time plan of work schedule. The cost will be dependent on the amount of time and work required. Sometimes it is just a matter of de-cluttering to realize the property’s true potential.

Q. What does the Home Styling service consist of ?

A. The Home Styling Service is broken down into stages as in the Home Staging Service. This gives you the flexibility to choose how much or how little you want to do yourself. The Home Styling Service includes a full written report of recommendations, budget break down, mood boards, drawings and floor plans. The cost will depend on the individual job. A full quotation will be provided.

Q. Are Interior Designers or Home Stylists only interested in the ‘upper end’ of the property market? Is it for me?

A. I believe that any home, regardless of size and budget can benefit from professional advice when needed.

Q. Does hiring an Interior Designer mean having to refurbish the whole property or can I have just one room designed?

A. You may have as many rooms as you require designed.

Q. What does the interior Design Service consist of?

A. The service provides an initial consultation in your home, followed by the presentation of initial floor plans, mood boards, and perspective drawings. After consultation with you, I will  present  the final design, budget and timescales are agreed upon prior to any commencement of work.

Q. How much does the Interior Design Service cost?

A. I charge £75.00 for the initial consultation. Once the design brief is agreed in full, mood boards, floor plans, drawings and a full breakdown of costs will be presented to you. Depending on the size of the project, and time involved these costs will vary. However a full quotation will be provided prior to any work being carried out.

Q. Is there a contract?

A. Yes, a Letter of Agreement which details the scope of work, details of work requested, fees, expenses and terms and conditions is completed and signed by both parties prior to any work commencing.

Q. What happens if things go wrong?

A. I am fully insured.

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