Come Dine With Me

Have you ever been involved in a ‘Progressive Dinner?’ It is a different approach to ‘Come Dine With Me’, and I think, a precursor to the T.V. show ( I love the narrator, he really makes the programme). ‘Progressive Dinners’ usually take place in an area  within walking distance of friends and neighbours. Each person or couple involved prepare and host just one course – a starter, main, or dessert in their home. If more people are included, you can then all go on to another house for liquors and coffee. Each course is at a different home, so after everyone has finished the starter, everyone goes to another home for the next course.

It is a great idea for a dinner with friends and neigbours without having to do all the work and share the costs. It is also an opportunity to have a ‘nose’. I don’t mean in a nasty or rude way, but don’t you just love seeing the inside of other peoples homes? You may have walked past a house loads of times, knowing they were having work done and dying to go and see the finished result, but not knowing the owners well enough to ask. The ‘Progressive Dinner’ is the opportunity to do so and make new friends.

Imagine a road or Cul- de -Sac, or a block of flats, each property from the outside looks similar. The front door might me a different colour, and some may have a pot with plants placed by the door, but all basically the same. Once inside though it is so interesting how differently the properties have been decorated. Some you may love, some you may dislike, some look great, but not what you would choose. You can pick up some great ideas and inspiration too, seeing how the occupants have arranged their space. Some may have added an extension, or removed walls or just left as originally built. Some people love colour, and know how to use it, and those who love colour and don’t know how to use it, and those those that favour neutrals. The different styles whether they be  classic, modern, retro or vintage.  Then there are the people who have no interest in their home what so ever, who pursue other interests. Each home is so different internally, hidden behind the front facade.

The homes are as individual as the people who live in them, which is great.

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