Focal Points

Following on from ‘As The Clocks Go Back’ (although for me the clocks have gone forward by four hours, as I am presently in Dubai) and with the first frost of Winter this week in many places, the hankering after an open fire to warm your soul by in very appealing. You do not necessarily have to have a chimney, or access to a flue to enjoy an open fire. There are many specialist companies who can install a flue less open fire fueled by electricity or gas.  In lay-mans terms this means you do not have to have a chimney. These types of fires also create a lot less work and dust.

O.K. so you are not in a position to have an open fire, what else can be used as a focal point to your living room to help make it feel cosy and welcoming ? The Telly? Well yes, often the T.V. is the focal point of a living room. Aesthetically pleasing this may not be, but practically if this is your only space to put the T.V. then obviously the room has to be planned around it. Seating arrangements for watching the T.V. and entertaining purposes has to be incorporated. Then there is the storage issue for all those DVD’s. Yes I know one can now download films from the internet, but what about all those DVD’s one gets for Christmas and Birthday’s? Not forgetting the family and friends DVD’s filmed from years past? Then there is the DVD player and Free View box if they are not integrated in your T.V. One solution is to mount the T.V. on the wall and either buy  an ‘off the shelf’ storage unit to place below the T.V. or have a bespoke unit made incorporating drawers storage for DVD’s and various technical equipment.You could also add shelving to the wall surrounding the wall mounted T.V. for books and ornaments. By adding concealed lighting in the shelves to add interest and ambiance. If you hate the thought of the T.V. being on show, then discretely hide it behind folding doors made form the same material as the shelving unit which fold back for when you wish to view only.

If you are lucky enough to have a separate room for your Television and your room lacks a fireplace, a window can be used as a focal point, especially if you have a view. Seating arranged to encompass the rooms attributes. However, if you are faced with a room lacking in character or attributes use a coffee table on a rug in the centre of the room to ‘ground’ the seating arrangement around this. Place a bowl of flowers or ornament to add interest. By hanging a large picture or print on a wall, or a group of pictures or collection of interesting artwork will create a feature wall and again will be your focal point. Add a few lighted candles and you can cosy up beautifully.

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