All Mixed Up?

An acquaintance of mine has recently redecorated and re- furnished her home from top to bottom. She went to one well known High Street retailer and sourced everything from this one shop. “I just love everything in their shop.” She enthused, clearly delighted with her new home. No doubt it looked wonderful with everything fresh and new and beautifully co-ordinated. However, it looked like a home furnishing shop showroom, which is fine if that is what you are wanting to recreate. What struck me most though was that her home was void of any of her personality. It could be that she lacked the confidence to totally re-furbish her whole home, based on her decisions or indecision alone. All High Street furnishing retailers follow trends in colour’s, style’s and seasonal changes. Each shop will stock variations of the current colour’s Burgundy, Lavender Grey’s, Ochre, Black and White, Orange and several variants of the colour beige. The styles will be ‘Shabby Chic’, Retro, Vintage, Warehouse etc. To avoid a room from looking too contrived, try sourcing your purchases from different shops on the High Street. By mixing it up a bit you are creating an individual look, staying on trend and reflecting your character into your home, which is very important.  There are some great soft furnishing and accessory  products to be found from good ol’ John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Next, Matalan and Wilkinson’s to name a few,  depending on how much or how little  you want to spend. Add personal framed  photographs (black and white look especially striking). If you are looking for specific individual items of furniture  to act as a centre piece, or a particular function to suit your  style, there are a number of Artisans who can be found online or on the High Street who have bespoke, unique pieces of furniture and furnishings. Mix it up a bit!

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