Shower Power

Don’t you feel totally let down, if  at the start of the day, to wake yourself up as well as freshen up, an invigorating shower, or at the end of the day when you step into the shower to not only wash your body of course, but also to wash away the stresses and strains of the day and to relax, and all you get is a feeble trickle of water! Gosh how disappointing, a total let down.

If your shower used to work well and give the desired shower and has recently gone from great to a pathetic spray, try cleaning out the shower nozzle holes with a sharp or pointed tool. I often use a pin or skewer or whatever is handy at the time. Shower heads need cleaning like the rest of the shower, and the holes in the nozzle often and quite quickly, if you live in a hard water area without a plumed in water softener get blocked with limescale.

Also disappointing is if you have gone to the expense of installing a brand new shower, especially with a rain water deluge head too, which you had been so looking forward to using, and you get a trickle, or perhaps a little more than a trickle, but not the deluge or power you had been promised in the glossy brochure. You will blame the plumber, everyone blames the plumber! Plumbers get terribly bad press sometimes. However, it is advised that before purchasing a super duper all singing and dancing new shower system you discuss your water system with either a plumber or the sales people in the bathroom showroom. They will advise you if your water system or water supply has enough power to supply your desired shower, and will advise you of alternatives or ways to achieve your dream shower.

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